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Add: The Posing Style Handbook Imagine trying to win at a game but you have no idea what the rules are. It sounds pretty impossible, doesn’t it? But so many photographers are doing this every single day. They’re trying to break into the personal branding genre without knowing the rules. Is this you? 

You’re trying to ramp up your headshot game, or you’re burnt out from shooting long weddings, or maybe you’re just sick and tired of working every weekend. You know there’s a demand for Personal Branding Photography, but you’re just not quite confident in switching over your photography skills yet. 

You don’t understand why some photos boost sales and others do not, or why some clients prefer certain styles of poses over others. You go blindly into a personal branding shoot and hope the photos you take will be useful, but most often they are not. Listen, some photographers succeed this way, but many do not.

This is why I decided to write this book.

If the description above fits you in any way, shape, or form, perfect! You’ve come to exactly the right place.

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Personal Branding + Content Media Subscription Models

Imagine for a minute, how your business and life would drastically improve if you could turn your clients into repeat clients while remaining profitable with these 2 Subscription Models.


This complete value-packed bundle includes:

1. 5 easy-to-understand instructional training videos
(Reg $300)

2. The Content Media Subscription Pricing Photoshop Template
(Reg. $125)

3. The Personal Branding Subscription Pricing Photoshop Template
(Reg $125)

*Instead of the regular price of $550, I’m giving it away for $247

Video training summary:

  • Why I created both of these Subscription models based on feedback from my Personal Branding clients.
  • How I kept my clients from going to other less expensive photographers
  • How these Subscription models help your clients stay relevant and visible
  • How to price your Subscription models to stay profitable and in-line with your current Personal Branding pricing.
  • When to use either pricing model based on your client's needs