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From Headshot to Personal Branding for Photographers

Imagine for a minute, how your business and life would drastically improve if you could start offering personal branding photography to your clients next week?    


Photographers: Successfully add personal branding photography
in a weekend

You know you want to branch out and offer personal branding photography, but you aren’t sure how to market it, sell it or explain it to your clients who keep requesting single headshots.

Photographing weddings, babies, and families just to pay the bills is getting exhausting and taking you away from your family and loved ones.

Your lack of knowledge, clarity and feeling comfortable to present yourself to your clients as a truly qualified expert is holding you back from taking the leap to shift the focus of your photography business. Where to begin is the first step...


“I booked two clients at my highest package within a week”

“Heike's Personal Branding Template and Training video helped me take my branding business to the next level. I was able to book two clients at my highest package within a week of using the Welcome Guide template to educate my clients on what the process looks like. The training videos are like looking over the shoulder of one of the most sought after personal brand photographers. The value is out of this world!” ~ Brittany Bennion, Photographer / Michigan

How would it feel?

How would it feel if your workflow, branding, packages and consultation outlines could be nailed down and ready to be sent out to inquiring clients within a couple of days?

Imagine for a minute, how your business and life would drastically improve if you could start offering personal branding photography to your clients next week? 

⭐ You’d free up your evenings and weekends by shooting only when you choose to

⭐ You’d gather happy repeat clients who would refer you to all of their friends and colleagues

⭐ You’d have clients happily pay your prices at a premium,  even though many photographers in your area are charging less because they don’t have this sound insight and knowledge

⭐ You’d feel amazing that your creative work was making a difference in people's lives at a higher level

⭐ You’d feel confident, financially secure, fulfilled and abundantly free in all aspects of your life. 

⭐ Your clients would feel empowered

⭐ You’d be able to provide your clients with a vision that they themselves can’t see for themselves


From Headshot to Personal Branding for Photographers

teaches photographers to successfully add personal branding photography in a weekend

From headshot to personal branding is the first of its kind that not only teaches you how to price, and sell but provides you with prewritten and professionally designed templates that are customizable with your own branding to get you started quickly.

✔️ You’ll get professionally written copy that turns headshot inquiries into repeat personal branding clients 

✔️ You’ll receive pre-written copy to prevent fumbling to explain how personal branding will benefit your clients.

✔️ You’ll get each step of my workflow including how + when to send certain PDFs to clients to prevent client objections. 

✔️ You’ll learn how to keep the workflow short and simple to prevent client overwhelm and ensure more bookings and increased revenue..

✔️ You’ll learn how to price properly, so that your lowest priced packages are NOT your primary package anymore.. 

✔️ You’ll learn why some photographers never sell their top packages so you don't fall into this trap.

✔️ You’ll learn when to send invoices to keep things simple so that clients don’t get sticker shock and you don’t have any receivables.

✔️ You’ll learn how to give your clients marketing and branding suggestions so they’ll see the value. (No you don’t need a marketing degree to do this).

✔️ You’ll get in-depth instruction on how to use the consultation guide to lead client consultations effectively.

✔️ You’ll learn how to solve problems that I have personally had to solve and how I turned my headshot inquires into full personal branding clients.

What’s included

The premise of this course is built on 3 TEMPLATES plus a GUIDE that will take a headshot inquiry to a full personal branding shoot. The supporting videos teach you how and when to use those templates, guide and the workflow process behind it.


From Headshot to Personal Branding Video Workshop

Just give you over 50+ pages of template and consultation guidance without any direction on where to start? No I’m not going to do that to you! In this video series, I’ll hold your hand so you don’t feel stuck or confused. I’ll walk you through what to do and when to do it so you can take out all the guesswork. 

Understanding the Essential Workflow so everything else makes sense. You’ll know what to do and when to do it.

How to use The Personal Branding Welcome and Pricing template. When to send it and customize your email correspondence. 

How to ask for a consultation and wow your clients.

How to use The Consultation Guide Kit for in-person or telephone consultations. How to keep the conversation going and what type of information you are trying to discover.

How to use the Photoshoot Planner, who to send it to and how they can use it to help plan out their photoshoot to get maximum value and ROI.

Guide for using your Photos Online template. Send this useful guide to your clients after their shoot to help them start using their photos in their online marketing.


*NEW* January 2021
Watch a real Personal Branding shoot!
See how I pose and direct my client. Also, get tips on how I light and position my subject. Each video will feature a different outfit. See how to get must-have poses -- and also how to capture variety in every outfit.


From real clients see which photos they purchased and why. Then see how they are using those photos online in their marketing - website, social media, sales pages and opt-in pages.



The personal branding welcome and pricing template

This plug-and-play Photoshop template comes with pre-written persuasive copy explaining to your inquiring clients why they need more than just a couple of headshot photos. The simple proven pricing system is included, providing value so your clients will want to move into higher packages. It is professionally designed so you only need to add your photos and your own company branding to personalize it.

The consultation guide kit

This guide will assist you in leading a client consultation to get the vital information you need to meet and exceed your client’s needs and expectations. It comes with checklists, tips and scripts so you’re never stuck not knowing what to say. A good consultation will lead to better shoots, increased revenue and happier clients.

The photoshoot planner template

This is a plug-and-play 3-part workbook-style Photoshop template comes with pre-written content and questions to help your clients dive deeper into their personal brands. Upon completion of the workbook your client will know exactly what photos they want, taking the guesswork out of what you’ll need to shoot.  It is beautifully designed so you only need to add your photos and company and logo to personalize it.

Guide for using your photos online

This plug-and-play Photoshop template comes with pre-written copy and informative illustrations to help your clients start using their photos in their marketing. This template can be quickly customized by adding your own photos and business information to 3 pages. The rest is done for you in this 15 page template. Your clients will love you for this!



The Question and Answer Room

The Q & A Room is where you get answers to your burning questions. If there’s something you’re not quite sure about, or if there’s something you’d like me to answer, that hasn’t been covered in the course - No problem! In the Q & A Room you can post your questions and I’ll answer them personally to give you clarity and direction.

Did someone say

From Headshot to Personal Branding includes everything you need to get up and running within a weekend. You’re all set. 

But sometimes there could be things (you don’t even know you’re doing) that are causing your business to become derailed. I address the top things I see photographers doing wrong and help you fix them here.

In this Bonus Video Series:

🌟🎬 What not to do

🌟🎬 The best way to post client images so you get more clients

🌟🎬 Why people are still asking you for headshots

🌟🎬 How to determine the look & feel of a shoot

“It changed my business!”

“Whaaaat? Thank you! OMG - you can’t even imagine how your Personal Branding Guide changed my business! ❤️ It changed my business in such a positive way. It also gets me well prepared and excited (and not anxious anymore) for my client meetings and shoots. My most recent client was very impressed by the thoughtful questions and obviously tell he was mulling them over! Thank you!”
~ Catherine Schmitt, Photographer / Germany

Nikki Closser Personal Branding Photography

Grab the ultimate personal branding photography solution


1. *NEW* 20+ easy-to-understand instructional training videos (Reg $300)

2. Real LIVE personal branding shoot videos (Reg $300)

2. The Personal Branding Consultation Guide (Reg. $85)

3. The Photo Shoot Planner PSD Template (Reg $125)

4. Upgraded Personal Branding Welcome + Pricing PSD Template (Reg $125)

5. *NEW* Guide for using your Photos Online PSD Template (Reg $125)

6. The Question and Answer Room ($200/hr)


*Instead of the regular price of $1260, I’m practically giving it away… for ONLY $497


4 Monthly payments of $137
1 payment of $497

“Tremendous response already”


Thank you for the consultation kit! I think it pairs nicely with the PDF I purchased for personal branding. Thank you so very much for sharing this valuable resource with us. I feel it is going to be very valuable as I expand my personal branding line. I have had a tremendous response already just from the PDF so I can only image the kit will add more “credibility” to my “expertise.” Thank you so very much for all you do!
~ Kristine Logan Gieschen, Photograprapher / Indiana

“Helps me look thoughtful and professional”


Your consultation guide came in perfect time to be honest and I absolutely loved everything about it - from easy to read and beautiful design to detailed information that will be so useful for my branding consultations! The break down and ideas are just great and will help me look thoughtful and professional in my clients eyes! So from the bottom of my heart - THANK YOU! I absolutely love the kit! God bless you for your good heart in sharing this with us fellow photographers!
~ Sandra Salciute Portrait, Photographer / UK

"Love the planner"

I wanted to tell you how much I love the planner I bought from you. I have used it for several jobs! One girl even mentioned it in her review! Yayyy
~ Andrea Linn, Photographer / Atlanta

“Exactly what
I needed!”


Thank you so much Heike for your PDF on personal branding. There is so much valuable information in there. Exactly what I needed! This really makes my day 😀
~ Connie Van Noten, Photographer / Amsterdam

“Changed the headshot
world of business”


Wow, this is fantastic. I cannot wait to incorporate your ideas. You have definitely changed the headshot world of business.
~ Michael, Photographer / Canada

“Your downloads were amazing”


Hi Heike, love your work and I'm so happy I bought this package! Thank you Heike, this was great and your downloads were amazing. I'm looking forward to viewing the bonus videos! 
~ Kim Conant, Photographer / Boston, MA

“It is very helpful”


This is great! Thank you for creating this video, it is very helpful to see what happens after the photo shoot. PS! Beautiful images.
~ Kaja Koort, Photographer / Sydney, Australia

I can’t wait to meet you inside 'From Headshot to Personal Branding for Photographers'.

Hello there! I’m Heike Delmore. Adding personal branding photography into my photography business literally transformed my life for the better.

Like many other photographers I too started out photographing a variety of genres from weddings to babies. I also offered Headshots. It was during these headshot sessions that I would ask my clients a bunch of questions… mainly because I like to get to know my clients.

But, it was through these talks that my headshot sessions begin morphing into full blown personal branding shoots. I began helping my clients by planning photo shoots that would compliment their business message, services and products. My clients saw me as a partner in achieving their marketing and business goals.

I saw a need for personal branding photography and my clients saw huge results from using their photos. From there, the word spread like wildfire and the rest is history!

Aside from the financial freedom it has created for me, the most rewarding part of this type of photography is knowing your photography work is making a positive difference in someone else's life.

Now I want other photographers who feel the same way, to be able to offer the same services to their clients. This is why I designed this program and these templates.

You don’t need a marketing degree or Ad agency experience to successfully incorporate this personal branding photography into your business. In this program I’ll give you everything you need to know, giving you a step by step, easy to follow process.

I look forward to meeting you personally inside From Headshot to Personal Branding for Photographers program.



Why should you trust me?


✅ I don’t just teach this, I actually do it full-time.

Everything I teach in the videos and the templates that I provide are the same ones I use in my own personal branding photography business.

✅ I’ve built a multiple 6-figure business with personal branding photography and mentoring other photographers who also want to shoot personal branding.

✅ I’m a mother of two, a wife to a busy husband and I'm a full-time photographer booked out months in advance. My schedule is flexible - I don’t work weekends and I only work when my kids are at school. I’m proof that you can have it all and live your best life. I want to help and empower you to do the same thing for yourself.

✅ I know marketing - I’m best known as a photographer but before that I worked extensively at ad agencies globally and have a degree in psychology. Two areas I am passionate about that are synergistic and lend themselves perfectly for personal branding. But you don’t need the credentials I have, because I’m going to show you exactly what you need to know and how to apply it and customize it to your own business.

Is this right for you?

  • The premise of this course are 3 templates and a guide that will take a headshot inquiry to a full personal branding shoot. The supporting videos teach you how and when to use these templates and the workflow process behind it.

  • If you already have a photography business and you want to expand to start offering Personal Branding to businesses (not Instagram influencers)

  • If you know how to use a camera and want to start a photography business in this genre

  • If you’re tired of shooting other photography genres and are ready to pivot

  • You want flexible hours 

  • You want your weekends and evenings back

  • If you want to help empower people to not only be seen, but embrace their true greatness, potential and willingness to be visible in a whole new light

  • If you already know how to light and pose your clients

  • If you’re getting burnt out with wedding and headshot clients 

  • If you want to feel like you’re making a real difference in people lives

  • If you want your artwork to help other people achieve their goals

  • If you really want to capture the essence of person in their photos

  • If you like learning about people 

  • You know how to use Adobe Photoshop

What this course is not


It is not focused on photographing Instagram influencers (it’s focused on businesses)

Here’s why you need to get inside the course today…


Because you don’t want another year to go by without reaching your goal.

You don't want to look back wondering ‘what could have been’ if you would have actually taken action now.

If you’ve made it this far, you owe it to yourself to take action before self-sabotage creeps in and keeps you stagnant for another extended period of time.

I want to celebrate your success with you now!

You may be wondering:


  1. Is the content available immediately?

    Yes! All of the content is inside our members only community, ready to go! You will get Instant Access as soon as you complete your purchase.

  2. With the templates, how do I customize them?

    All of the templates are Photoshop files. They can be customized by adding your photos to the clearly identified sections. The templates do not include photos - you add your own to make it yours.

  3. Is your actual pricing and packages in the template? Or do I have to create that myself?

    Yes, my current pricing and packages (including dollar amounts) are included in the welcome and pricing template. You don't need to create it yourself. One of the videos walks you through why the pricing is created that way and why it works in generating higher sales. 

  4. Can I use the text in the templates or do I need to re-word it?

    You can use the text that is provided in the welcome and pricing template as well as the photoshoot planner template. You’ll just need to add your photos to the templates.

  5. Is the consultation guide kit editable?

    No consultation guide kit is not editable, but it is fillable. Be sure to save it to your computer before filling it out so what you fill in gets saved. It is a guide you use (you don't give it to your clients). It’s used to lead the consultation you have with your client in-person or on the phone. The purpose of the consultation kit is to understand your client's needs and how they see their personal brand. 

  6. Where do I post my questions or feedback?

    There is a section with the login area where you can post your questions so all of the students can benefit from the answers.

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4 Monthly payments of $137
1 payment of $497