Coaching Mastermind: Profitable Personal Branding Photographers

W I T H   H E I K E   D E L M O R E

I'm looking for photographers who are hungry to make a serious and sustainable income from Personal Branding Photography.
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Tired of Feeling Like You’re Spinning your wheels?

If you're a full-time, part-time or hobbyist photographer who wants to start photographing personal branding but are completely lost as to where to begin. OR lost as to how to turn headshot requests into full-blown personal branding clients…. 

I’ve got you covered.

Myself and my team have started and/or scaled many of PB photography businesses to successfully offer personal branding. Sometimes from Scratch.

Take a look at all the results…


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Testimonials from Heike's Education

"My recent Personal Branding sales have been $5k, $6.4k, and almost $7k "

"My average sale this year has *increased* $1300 on last year's average sale. 100% best decision to invest in a mentorship with Heike. I highly recommend you chat with her. My recent PB sales have been $5k, $6.4k, and almost $7k (not including booking fee)."

Tabitha Arthur, Photographer /
New Zealand

“I booked two clients at my highest package within a week”

“Heike's Personal Branding Template and Training video helped me take my branding business to the next level. I was able to book two clients at my highest package within a week of using the Welcome Guide template to educate my clients on what the process looks like. The training videos are like looking over the shoulder of one of the most sought after personal brand photographers. The value is out of this world!” 
~ Brittany Bennion, Photographer / Michigan

"My first sale $2750"

"I am happy to report my client purchased a 20 image collection at $2750!

I can't wait to share how it all worked out on our last coaching call!"

~ Viviana Cardenas,
 Photographer /
New Jersey

Imagine for a minute, how your business and life would drastically improve

...if you could immediately start offering personal branding photography to your clients?

...if you could feel stress-free and prepared when creating your shoot plan, workflow, branding, pricing, consultations and sales processes?

...if you could feel confident knowing there's no more guesswork or trial and error.

If you’re struggling to get headshot clients to see the value in personal branding… the unfortunate truth is many photographers are in the same boat.

Personal Branding Photography Masterclass with Heike Delmore

So consequently they also struggle financially. 

Or they’re forced to shoot other genres just to make ends meet.

And some eventually have to return to their soulless corporate 9-5 jobs.

And that’s because they don’t do these 4 things:

  • They Don’t charge properly for their services

  • They Don’t generate leads consistently

  • They Don’t educate their clients properly

  • They Don’t sell because they view sales as sleazy

Without these basics, you’ll never create a sustainable business. In any industry!

The good news is - I’ve helped hundreds of photographers master these basics.

Letting them double or triple their business with less work.

Let me help you turn your passion for helping others into a FULL-Time Business.

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⭐ You’ll have clients happily pay your prices at a premium, even though many photographers in your area are charging less because they don’t have this expert insight and knowledge

⭐ You’ll feel fulfilled that your creative work is making a difference in people's lives at a higher level

⭐ You’ll be able to provide your clients with a vision that they themselves couldn't see for themselves

⭐ You’ll feel confident, financially secure, fulfilled and abundantly free in all aspects of your life 

You’ll free up your evenings and weekends by shooting only when you choose to

⭐ You’ll gather happy repeat clients who would refer you to all of their friends and colleagues

⭐ You’d be able to provide your clients with a vision that they themselves can’t see for themselves 

⭐ Your clients would feel empowered

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What’s included


Sometimes you just need someone to tell you what works, and that’s what I’ll do for you.

Learn how I turned my $100 headshot requests into $3000+ personal branding shoots.

After two decades in the marketing and photography industry, I'll teach you how to get to the next level.

No more single headshot sales. The digital landscape has changed! You'll be able to show your clients the thousands of dollars they're leaving on the table when they only buy one or two headshots. 

 Weekly Group Coaching Calls: Each week for 16 weeks you're invited to LIVE group coaching calls, with yours truly, Heike Delmore, to get answers to your questions, feedback and support to help you fast-track your success. (Note - We'll take a couple of weeks off during the holiday season and continue afterwards.) 

 Personal Goal Planning: 1x extra 1-hour Zoom meeting 1:1 to discover and plan out your goals!

 Watch Again: Meetings will be recorded so you can rewatch or catch up if you missed a date.

 Immediate Access to the program "From Headshot to Personal Branding": This video program includes 20+ easy-to-understand instructional training videos which include real LIVE personal branding shoot videos.

The Personal Branding Consultation Guide - This guide will assist you in leading a client consultation to get the vital information you need to meet and exceed your client’s needs and expectations. It comes with checklists, tips and scripts so you’re never stuck not knowing what to say. A good consultation will lead to better shoots, increased revenue and happier clients. 

The Photo Shoot Planner PSD Template - This is a plug-and-play 3-part workbook-style Photoshop template comes with pre-written content and questions to help your clients dive deeper into their personal brands. Upon completion of the workbook, your client will know exactly what photos they want, taking the guesswork out of what you’ll need to shoot.  It is beautifully designed so you only need to add your photos and company logo to personalize it.

Personal Branding Welcome + Pricing PSD Template - comes with pre-written persuasive copy explaining to your inquiring clients why they need more than just a couple of headshot photos. The simple proven pricing system is included, providing value so your clients will want to move into higher packages. It is professionally designed so you only need to add your photos and your own company branding to personalize it.




I can’t wait to meet you inside the Mastermind

Most would describe me as a mother, wife, and small business owner. But in reality, I am so much more than that. And so are you.

Hello there! I’m Heike Delmore. Adding personal branding photography into my photography business literally transformed my life for the better.

Like many other photographers I too started out photographing a variety of genres from weddings to babies. I also offered Headshots. It was during these headshot sessions that I would ask my clients a bunch of questions… mainly because I like to get to know my clients.

But, it was through these talks that my headshot sessions begin morphing into full blown personal branding shoots. I began helping my clients by planning photo shoots that would compliment their business message, services and products. My clients saw me as a partner in achieving their marketing and business goals.

I saw a need for personal branding photography and my clients saw huge results from using their photos. From there, the word spread like wildfire and the rest is history!

Aside from the financial freedom it has created for me, the most rewarding part of this type of photography is knowing your photography work is making a positive difference in someone else's life.

Now I want other photographers who feel the same way, to be able to offer the same services to their clients. This is why I designed this program and these templates.

You don’t need a marketing degree or Ad agency experience to successfully incorporate this personal branding photography into your business. In this program I’ll give you everything you need to know, giving you a step by step, easy to follow process.



You need to be someone who is:

A hobbyist, part-time or full-time photographer who really wants to create results for their clients:

  • Willing to take action
  • Willing to get out not be comfortable for every second of the day
  • Coachable (because if you don't take direction, this is going to be hard)
  • And someone who truly wants to build a full-time personal branding photography business and sincerely wants to help other people

And if that's not you, it will be hard to help you.

But if it is you ... And you want to learn how to:

  • Identify your Ideal Client and create photos and packages that knock their socks off
  • Consistently generate leads without ads
  • Create and sell branding image packages for $1k-5k+
  • And stop doing small headshot shoots OR losing your weekends to weddings AND evenings to shooting & editing

 Learn more, Let's Chat:


Here’s why you need to sign up for the mastermind today…


Because you don’t want another year to go by without reaching your goal.

You don't want to look back wondering ‘what could have been’ if you would have actually taken action now.

If you’ve made it this far, you owe it to yourself to take action before self-sabotage creeps in and keeps you stagnant for another extended period of time.

I want to celebrate your success with you now!

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