What is Personal Branding?

Brand photography vs. Personal brand photography? (The big difference and why it matters)

 I once had a gentleman comment on one of my Instagram posts - he said: 

“It’s not called personal branding photography anymore, it’s just called branding photography.”

I disagree. And here’s why...

To explain, here are 3 examples...


The three common types of branding photography are:

  1.  Ready-made brands
  2. A photographer’s brand
  3. Your personal brand

But before we jump in, I want to point out that there is nothing wrong with any of these options. Choosing the one that works for you is what's important.


 1. Ready-made brands 

Ready-made brands are pre-designed brands that are ready for immediate download upon purchase. They usually include logos, colour schemes and stock photography. They’re often not exclusive, so anyone online can download the identical branding package. Your visual brand will look like many others, depending on how many people have downloaded it. 

There’s nothing wrong with this option, it’s just not personal.


2. A photographer’s brand 

A photographer’s brand is when photos of unrelated clients all have a similar look and feel. This is easy to spot. Open the photographer’s Instagram or portfolio, look at the photos, and ask yourself: 

  1. Does every client look like they work for the same company?
  2. Can you tell where one client’s brand ends and the other client’s brand starts? 

The photographer’s Instagram looks cohesive because every client photo looks similar. They are not photographed to stand out, but rather to fit in. 

Again, there’s nothing wrong with this option, it’s just not personal.


3. Your Personal Brand

Personal branding photography is PERSONAL to the client being photographed. One size does not fit all. Again, this is easy to spot. Ask yourself the same questions as above. 

  1. When looking through the photographer’s portfolio/Instagram do you see a variety in their images? For example, white, bright, dark, moody, happy, funny, serious, casual, professional and many more? 

If you see a variety, there’s a very good chance this photographer takes the time to learn about what makes their client stand out in their industry. Photographers like this create something specific to fulfill each client’s specific needs. 

If you’re looking for something unique that represents you and your brand, this would be the perfect option because it is personal to you!

And when something is unique to you it makes you stand-out and be memorable.

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