Attn Branding Photogs How to Stand out when we're all creating stunning photos

How to stand out when we're all offering stunning branding photos

Let's talk about standing out in the crowd because, let's face it, we're all offering stunning branding photos.

And when everyone's offering stunning photos, you'll find yourself competing on price!

So what's YOUR secret sauce?

Today, I'll give you some ideas on how to add extra value to your services so you're no longer competing on price.

Remember when you're adding value, it needs to be something your CLIENTS want. Whether it solves a problem for them, saves them time, or saves them from finding someone else to do it (think full-service one-stop-shop).

Imagine this: Done-for-you reels, killer branding videos, and a touch of luxury studio vibes...

Let's dive in!


❇️ Ever thought about a 1-Year Content Strategy Plan? Yep, let's make that a reality. This will save your client time and money from needing to hire a social media manager/strategist! Think DIY.

❇️ Professional hair and makeup included? Because every brand deserves to look and feel fabulous.

❇️ Multiple looks, because who said you can't have it all in one shoot?

❇️ How about creating both evergreen and specific seasonal/promotional marketing images? Clients are busy - it's easier to do it all in one shoot!

❇️ Personalized content that aligns perfectly with your client's aspiring business vibe? Don't just photograph where they are now, learn about their business dreams. Create images that portray them as already embodying that future more successful version of themselves.

❇️ Offer online promotion & posting to bring extra awareness to their brand.

❇️ Expert editing and retouching? Not just what you think looks good, ask the client if they'd like any additional edits to provide them with a polished image they're proud to share. (You'd be surprised at the different things people see when looking at photos of themselves).

❇️ Multiple shoot locations, because variety is the spice of life (and photography). Do you make it easy for clients to shoot in multiple locations on the same shoot date? Remember the more variety you can provide them the more photos they'll likely purchase.

❇️ High and low-res image collections, so your clients can slay both online and offline.

❇️ Image cut-outs for that extra 'wow' factor. Real Estate Agents love these to place over their listings!

❇️ Expert posing direction to make everyone feel like a superstar.

❇️ A done-for-you shoot plan so no time is wasted and your client gets all of the photos she needs for her specific annual marketing needs.

❇️ Oh, and a relaxed, empowering vibe during shoots? Because who needs stress?

❇️ Done-for-you reels, killer branding videos! This saves your client from hiring a videographer. Win-win!

❇️ What do you offer that sets you apart from other brand photographers? Hit Reply and let me know!

Let's not just compete! let's own the game by creating insane value for our client's businesses.

If you're ready to turn your brand photography business into a brand magnet - let's chat and make it happen! Click here to book a quick call with me!

Your Brand Photography BFF,


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How to stand out when we're all offering stunning branding photos