business Jan 03, 2019

3 people + 3 (unknowing) personal brands

1. The young entrepreneur

Sandra, a young entrepreneur, contacted me for a headshot the other day. We scheduled a phone consultation to go over how she'd like to be photographed.

As we spoke more about her business, she told me she doesn't have time to create personal a brand for herself. She just needs a profile photo.

Her comment stopped me in my tracks.

Because, the reality is, even if you haven't put a conscious effort into creating your personal brand - you still have one. 

When you don't take control of it, it still exists, it's just out of our control.

Personal branding is: how people perceive you and your business. These are the three basic areas that makeup your personal brand:

  • How you are seen
  • What you do
  • What you stand for


2. The best selling author

The other day I was reading a comment in a Facebook business group.

It was posted by a copywriter/ghost writer. She was expressing how grateful she is now that two of the books she's ghostwritten have become international best sellers.

Well, I was intrigued and clicked on her name and website to learn more about this awesome lady! 

When I landed on her website I wondered to myself, "Am I in the right place?"

The website didn't match with the person I just read about on Facebook.

Nowhere on the site was there any mention of ghostwriting not one, but two, international best sellers. In fact, the website didn't even give off the vibe that writing a best seller was on their radar.

This is an example of outdated personal branding. 


3. The waitress

Personal branding isn't just for entrepreneurs and executives. Yes that's right. Everyone has a personal brand.

Let's say you're a waitress for example.

Are you seen as the happy, organized and efficient worker?

Or are you seen as the slow, forgetful and miserable worker?

Personal branding aren't just photos or websites. It's also how people you come into contact with (in the real world) percieve you. Your behaviour contributes to your personal brand.

Final Words

We all have a personal brand - whether we take mindful action to design or not. 

How important is your personal brand to you and your business?


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