Opportunity for photographers 2 will be selected

2 Lucky People

I'll cut to the chase!

We're offering a very special offer to 2 people as an extraordinary end-of-year deal!

So, if you have been thinking of joining the coaching mastermind for personal branding photographers, but haven't been ready to pull the trigger, I'm personally opening up my calendar to take calls next week to give 2 people a chance to get into either of our two coaching programs before the year ends!

These 2 people will be offered a custom-made deal that will only be available on that call that will knock your socks off...
and will take ALL risk out of your investment.

And yes, a special discount!

So, if you are an action taker and feel that you might really want to coach with us...

And want to get your ducks in a row to maximize your sales average and finally work with your ideal clients in 2024...
and to make the biggest impact possible...

I want to help you!

If you are serious about truly making 2024 count, pick at time here and I will find a time for you.

Much, much love to you!



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2 Lucky People

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