Photographers: Is it possible to double your income and have more freedom?

Photographers: Is it possible to grow your income and have more freedom? (Outsourcing)

Every day I get asked about outsourcing. Delegating any part of my business or my life has always been a scary thing for me. Until I realized it boils down to ONE question:

"Is my time better spent doing [ insert outsourceable task ] or is it better spent doing something I love OR something that’ll make my business more profitable?"


Experience #1: Should I hire a housekeeper? 

I recently hired a housekeeper. She works one day a week for 6 hours. For years, I did it all by myself because I thought that’s what a “good mom” does. Good ‘Ole Mom guilt. 

When I took a step back, I realized quality time with my kids was suffering because I was always busy doing laundry or cleaning something if I wasn't working. I pay my housekeeper $25/hour - so that’s $150/week for 6 hours of work. 

> Something that I LOVE:
I think 6 hours of quality time with my kids is definitely worth $150.

> Something more PROFITABLE:
I could also use those extra 6 hours to work on my business. For example, if I used that time for a photoshoot I could earn upwards of $3k+. That's a better use of my skills and time... and way more profitable than cleaning my house.


Experience #2: Should I outsource my retouching?

This is something I held onto for a looooong time because I felt no one could do it as well as I could.

I now outsource my photo retouching. 

My husband started complaining that I was at the computer too much and our family time was suffering. He asked if I could set a schedule for myself and perhaps stop working at 5pm.

He was right. I needed to set some boundaries to establish some balance in my life.

So I found a few retouchers. I screen-recorded myself retouching my photos and gave the videos to them so they could learn my process. And to ensure the transition would look seamless in my photos.

> Something that I LOVE:
By outsourcing the retouching, I was able to establish a routine and balance between my work and family life. This made everyone, including myself, happy.

> Something more PROFITABLE:
I was always scared about the cost of paying a retoucher. What if the client didn’t buy enough photos and I didn’t make a profit on the shoot because I needed to pay my retoucher? I got out of my head and TRIED it. It turns out it’s about $3.50/image for a retoucher to do a light edit. About $100/shoot. A cost worthwhile even if my client only purchases my smallest package.


Experience #3: Should I hire a VA (Virtual Assistant)?

I knew when I started spending entire days emailing, scheduling, arranging the hair and make-up artists, setting up image reveals and consultation calls - that something needed to change.

I’m a photographer after all. And my business only runs if I can photograph clients and create photos they’ll need and purchase.

> Something that I LOVE:
No, I don’t love emailing, scheduling and organizing. I’ve hired several VAs over the years. The best by far is a VA I found from Virtual Gurus. Beware of up-and-coming photographers applying for the job - they may not last long in the position as many aspire to start their own studios.

> Something more PROFITABLE:
Once I released the admin duties, I could take on more photoshoots, which in turn doubled, then tripled my annual revenue.

Have I piqued your curiosity? Here are some things you can outsource…

• Emailing

• Scheduling

• Shooting

• Selling

• Editing

• Hair + Makeup

• Social Media Management

• Marketing

• House Cleaning

• Bookkeeper

• Accountant

• Webdesign

• Graphic Design

• Newsletter

I can't wait to hear your a-has from this! Tell me your thoughts.


  1. Housekeeper: For $150 I gained 6 hours to spend with my family or work on my business.
  2. Retoucher: Costs about $100/shoot. A cost easily covered even if my client only purchases my smallest package.

  3. Virtual Assistant: Once I released the admin duties, I could take on more photoshoots, which in turn doubled, then tripled my annual revenue.

Your someday is today, and you’re ready for the next step,


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