What font is that?

Today I'm going to show you a little trick on how to figure out which fonts people are using on their websites.

A few of my favorite websites for beautiful font selections that we'll explore in today's video are Marie Forleo's, Gabby Bernstein's, and Jasmine Star's.


How do you figure out which fonts people are using on their websites?


Here's the trick:

1. Go to the Chrome Extension Store.

2. Once there type into the search "find font".

What you're doing in the Chrome Extension store is you're searching for extensions for your Chrome browser. So you'll need to use a Chrome browser. You can't do this in Safari or any other browsers to my knowledge.

3. When you find the Chrome extension called "What Font - Find Font", you're going to add it to your Chrome browser by clicking the button that says "Add to Chrome".

4. You'll see it's added to your extensions by looking in the top right corner of your Chrome browser. The icon resembles a little puzzle piece on my screen.

5. Click on that puzzle icon, and that will put you into Find Font mode. For every font you hover over (on almost any site), the font information will be displayed next to it.


Be sure to watch the accompanying video above to discover the font names and their characteristics.

I hope you found this helpful.

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Here's finding fabulous fonts that take your designs from Good to Great.





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