Will personal branding photography make my business more successful? Do I need branding photos?

How personal branding photography will make your business more successful

We've all been asked the question: "Where do you see yourself in 5 years?"

But what if I told you, you could fast forward your 5-year plan with personal branding photos?

By having your clients answer questions (like this) before your shoot, their photos will reflect this future version of themselves.

To explain, let me share a story about my client Ashley. Ashley completed Marie Forleo's B-School and was starting her own business. She had an initial photoshoot with a photographer who captured her present brand, status and level. She told me the photos worked for her in the short-term, but she quickly realized she needed photos that looked more professional.  She needed images that represented where her business was going.  (Not where her business was currently or where it was yesterday). Her 5-year goal was to work with bigger brands she admired to in her industry. She figured she'd need to be in the industry for a few years to make a name for herself. And to appear established enough for one of these bigger names even to consider working with her. She was already knowledgeable in her field, but she just needed to look the part. She booked a shoot with me. Before the shoot I asked her:

  • Where do you see your future more successful self?
  • What does the future more successful version of yourself look like?
  • How do you want people to remember you after meeting or seeing your marketing?
  • What words come to mind when people talk about you?
  • What will you be rolling out this year?

Her answers laid the groundwork for her Personal Branding photoshoot.


The result

 After Ashley's photoshoot, she had...
  1. Photos that embodied the person was becoming
  2. Photos that breathed new energy into her website + marketing
  3. A robust library of photos she could use for her newsletters, digital downloads, podcast, digital courses, website and social media

What happened next...

Ashley reported being approached by some of those big brands she thought would take years to attract. They noticed her brand and knew she was the right fit and reached out.  

Ashley literally up-levelled and fast-forwarded her goals through her visual branding photography.


What could have taken years to cultivate, she was able to establish faster with the carefully planned, curated and styled images we captured from her branding photoshoot.


We all have something to offer in our own special way. The best way to show this is to be yourself. Never a copy of someone else.

Take time to talk with your clients about how the future more successful version of themselves would do it. Then together make an intention for the photos so when people see them they just 'get it'.

A brand is important and special. Don't leave it up to chance.

Wishing you an awesome rest of your week!





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