7 Reasons Successful Portrait Photographers struggle shooting Branding

7 Reasons Successful Portrait Photographers have trouble shooting Personal Branding

Many of my coaching clients are successful portrait or wedding photographers looking to add personal branding photography to their offerings.

The biggest reason they struggle when adding personal branding is that they haven't grasped the key differences between the genres.

Today, I'll simplify the 7 key pieces distinguishing personal branding from other genres.
Understanding and shooting for these differences are what separates those who are successful from those who are struggling.  

Because this is so important for success, I dive much deeper into this in my program: From Headshot to Personal Branding

See the infographic below that illustrates the 7 key differences between “contemporary portrait photography” and “personal branding photography”. 

If you're doing any of these - you'll see how you can fix it! 

Any of these spark an a-ha moment? 

If you want to seriously make personal branding photography a thriving part of your photography business -there has never been a better time to start!

Learn more about the program From Headshot to Personal Branding. It has changed the lives of hundreds of photographers. Let this be your year!

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See what other photographers are saying about the program - From Headshot to Personal Branding for Photographers:

"I purchased another personal branding course before this one, and I can say I've already learned more in just a couple of Heike's videos than I did through that entire course. Thank you!"

~ Andi Vollmer / Photographer

“I booked two clients at my highest package within a week. Heike's Personal Branding Template and Training video helped me take my branding business to the next level. I was able to book two clients at my highest package within a week of using the Welcome Guide template to educate my clients on what the process looks like. The training videos are like looking over the shoulder of one of the most sought after personal brand photographers. The value is out of this world!” 

~ Brittany Bennion, Photographer / Michigan

"Update, even UPSALED Personal Branding sessions… So Heike’s formula works even for strong male shoots… He couldn’t part with them. YAY… Sooo most definitely check out Heike’s incredible personal branding kit and guide… It’s a must-have in my book…"
~ Photographer / Belgium

"Your consultation guide came in perfect time to be honest and I absolutely loved everything about it - from easy to read and beautiful design to detailed information that will be so useful for my branding consultations! The break down and ideas are just great and will help me look thoughtful and professional in my clients eyes! So from the bottom of my heart - THANK YOU! I absolutely love the kit! God bless you for your good heart in sharing this with us fellow photographers!"

~ Sandra Salciute Portrait, Photographer / UK

"I wanted to tell you how much I love the planner. I have used it for several jobs! One girl even mentioned it in her review! Yayyy"

~ Andrea Linn, Photographer / Atlanta


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