Entrepreneur Spotlight Series


Introducing the 🌟ENTREPRENEUR SPOTLIGHT. Throughout February I’ll be doing something very special! Everyday will feature a different entrepreneur with a brief introduction of what amazing products or services they provide. If you’d like to be featured (and I’ve photographed you) send me a message! I’d love to hear from you!


Introducing Mona founder the Gurl Like You movement.

Q. Why did you start your business?

A. To support and motivate women, and to model and empower young girls to believe they are worthy and valuable and capable of all they dream. Also to make people feel happy and better through food .... creations and design. Hoping our CareCrates bring joy and happiness to others while feeding them too.

Q. What do you offer (service/product)?

A. Customized curated CareCrates featuring delicious charcuterie and homemade foods all designed with a client’s needs, special moments, occasions/life’s milestones in mind! Gurllikeyou also offers inspiring blog posts and merchandise all meant to support, empower and motivate others.


Q. What advice would you give to new entrepreneurs?

A. To just do it. It doesn’t have to be all laid out, precise and perfect BEFORE you start. It’s messy and up and down, but it’s in the mess, where the real magic often happens. Embrace it and keep moving through it.

Heike Delmore Personal Branding Expert Photographer
Windsor Ontario Personal Brand Photographer
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